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Cancer prevention: 6 important tips to reduce the risk

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

It's well-accepted that your chances of growing cancer are due to the lifestyle choices you have. So, if you are interested in cancer prevention, you might consider changing your lifestyle to make a difference. You should consider these measures to prevent cancer.

Cancer Prevention

How to prevent cancer?

Worried about cancer cells prevention? Take charge by making adjustments such as eating a healthy and balanced diet regimen and also obtaining regular screenings.

You must have possibly heard about different opinions regarding cancer prevention. In some cases a certain cancer-prevention pointer suggested in one research is discouraged in another one.

Often, what’s known regarding the prevention of cancer, is still in progress. However, it's well-accepted that your chances of growing cancer are due to the lifestyle choices you have.

So, if you are interested in averting cancer, you might consider changing your lifestyle to make a difference. You should consider these measures to prevent cancer.

1. Quit using tobacco

Consuming any kind or form of tobacco might put you in danger of inheriting cancer. Smoking has proved to be a reason for various types of cancer, like lungs, oral, throat, larynx, pancreatic, and kidney cancer.

Chewing tobacco is the main cause of oral and pancreatic cancer. Even if you do not smoke, passive smoking can increase the risk of lung cancer.

It is better to avoid using tobacco or quit using it to prevent cancer. There are lots of stuff available in the market which helps in quitting tobacco or cigarettes. You can take the help of a doctor for quitting tobacco.

2. Switch to a healthy and balanced diet regimen

Though a healthy and balanced diet won’t guarantee cancer prevention, but it might reduce the risk of cancer. Consider these rules:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables. Your diet should contain fruits, vegetables and other plant source foods, such as whole grains and beans.

  • Maintain your weight. Eat foods that are less in calories and fats. Reduce the use of refined sugars and fat from animal sources. Avoid drinking sugary drinks or carbonated drinks.

  • Decrease the use of alcohol. The risk of various types of cancer like breast, colon, lung, kidney, and liver increases with the consumption of alcohol. It depends upon the quantity and duration that you've been drinking regularly.

  • Buy fresh meat. There have been many studies about the impact of processed meat on creating cancer. A study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, founded that consuming huge amounts of processed meat can increase the risk of cancer.

Besides, women who follow the Mediterranean dietary regime supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, and nuts could have a lower risk of breast cancer.

The Mediterranean diet mainly consists of plant-based foods, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. People who consume the Mediterranean diet prefer healthy fats, such as olive oil, over butter and fish in place of red meat.

3. Maintain weight as well as be physically fit

Maintaining a healthy weight could reduce the possibility of certain kinds of cancer, which include breast, prostate, lung, colon, and kidney cancer.

According to a study, adults who participated in any form of physical activity were rewarded with some health benefits. But for a considerable amount of health benefits, one must work out for at least 150 minutes a week.

You can choose between moderate and vigorous activity according to your convenience. You should indulge yourself for at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a day routinely, and if you prefer to increase the activity time, it will be much better.

4. Protecting yourself from the sun

Cancer of the skin is most common these days, and it can be prevented by following certain tips:

  • Avoid midday sun. Avoid going out under the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The sun rays are strongest during these hours.

  • Wear a hat. Wear a broad-brimmed hat when you are out under the sun. The hat protects your neck, ears, face, and head.

  • Wear UV-absorbent glasses. You should wear sunglasses don't that blocks 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. They don't need to be expensive.

  • Cover exposed areas. Wear clothes that can cover your body as much as possible to protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun.

  • Sunscreen protection. Always apply sunscreen to your skin while going out under the sun. A sun protection factor (SPF)15 blocks at least 95% of ultraviolet rays.

5. Consume enough vitamin D

A lot of experts recommend consuming 800 to 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily. This goal is nearly impossible to achieve without supplementation. It is said that prevention is better than cure, there is evidence that vitamin D can help lower the risk of prostate cancer, colon cancer, and other malignancies.

6. Regular health check-ups

One should always get health check-ups regularly. It helps in reducing your risk of getting sick. It will detect possible life-threatening health conditions or diseases at an early stage. It will restrict the chances of complications by closely examining the existing problem. Regular health check-ups will help minimize healthcare expenses over time by avoiding expensive medical services.

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